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Beauty For The People. 

Erthling is an inclusive, clean and vegan face and body brand for Culture-First consumers. We are passionate about breaking down barriers to equality. Erthling advocates for social and economic equality by fostering an intersectional community, highlighting individuals under represented in mainstream media and featuring inclusive diverse imagery.

Wellness For The Planet.

Our ingredients are non-toxic, plant-based, ethically sourced from local organic farms whenever possible, fair trade and child labor-free. We develop with the circular model in mind by designing out waste and keeping materials in-use or recycled. We do not use any secondary packaging and our shipping materials are made from a high percentage of recycled materials, made from paper that is sourced from a sustainably managed supply-chain and forest, acid-free soy ink and are recyclable at curbside. 

Meet The Founder.


I'm Paige Padgett a Green Makeup Artist and Founder of Erthling. I became interested in social and economic justice at an early age as a low-income at-risk youth. Now, a single mom of a LatinX daughter it's more important than ever for me to create a brand that advocates for her and others that have not been equally represented in beauty and personal care.

In 2000, I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in World Arts and Cultures at UCLA where I further explored issues of equality in feminist studies and queer theory. I have been pioneering non-toxic and sustainable beauty since 2005. In 2015 I wrote an Amazon best selling book The Green Beauty Rules (HCI Books, Inc).Erthling is a culmination of my two passions equality and the environment.

Erthling’s mission is to create an empowering Culture-First community where intersectional discourse breaks down barriers and shatters beauty norms while providing inclusive clean, sustainable and vegan face and body products.